Day 24: Brussels!

Today we finally made it to Brussels!  We had to get up at 4:30 because our train left at 6, but we made it!  I was pretty excited to be there finally.  We headed straight for the Grand Place.  It was kind of confusing at first and they didn’t stamp our passport which made us sad.  It was cold and kinda rainy and no one was out, but we were very hungry so we went straight to a place to get some food.  We had very few goals in Brussels: eat chocolate, eat a waffle, eat fries and drink beer.  So we immediately checked off the waffle.  I don’t normally like waffles but it was sooo good!

Since we’d seen the Grand Market at this point, we headed over to Manneken Pis, the statue of the little boy peeing.  They really love that little kid!  It’s so tiny though.  I guess the story goes that he put out a fire by peeing on it and saved the city.  They have chocolate shops and everything with that boy on it.  It made me laugh a lot.

After we saw the peeing boy, we decided to go do some touristy things.  We first went to a brewery.  It’s been open since 1900 and it makes Lambic beer and they use the old techniques of making beer.  It was quite interesting and it tastes like no beer I’ve ever had.  Very bitter.  Definitely an experience, but not my favorite beer to drink.  They make one called gueze that is their regular beer and then they make fruity ones.

Then we kept on our touristy track and headed to the Atomium.  This was kind of a weird experience and I found it kind of a tourist trap.  Cool to look at outside and it has a cool view, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  But it’s pretty futuristic looking even though it was made in 1958.

Then we headed off to one more museum- the comic strip museum.  However, I was starting not to feel well, so we kind of sped through it.  I think my body was just tired and worn down from getting so little sleep!  However, I did get to meet a smurf!

Then we needed to grab a bite to eat, so we tracked down the best fries in Belgium.  They were at this little stand.  We got some sauces to try on them.  Ryan got curry ketchup and I got some spicy aioli called Pili Pili.  It was very tasty!

Then we only had a few more hours!  We headed back to the Grand Place and it was way cooler now.  It was so lively!  SO much more than this morning.  We popped into a lot of chocolate shops and couldn’t decide, but picked up some truffles to eat on the train on the way back to Paris.  Then we had one thing left to do: drink some beer! I found some place that is supposedly one of the top two beer bars in the world. It’s called Delirium cafe and it has 2500 beers to choose from and 27 taps.  It was huge.  It took up like the whole block, but in several different rooms. The main area stayed open until 4am everyday but one room was open until 6am.  That’s so late for drinking! I tried one beer, and Ryan had time for two before we had to catch the train back.  If I go to Brussels again, it’s only going to be for the late afternoon or evening because it’s way cooler then!


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3 Responses to Day 24: Brussels!

  1. lhgordon says:

    Oh my, you went to the Delirium Tremens bar?! That’s awesome. I’m not a beer drinker but that is one of my favorite kinds of beer (that I don’t drink) for the arbitrary reason that their mascot is a pink elephant. The Delirium Tremens glasses also have pink elephants on them, which is awesome. My beer-loving friends say that Delirium Tremens is a great beer, so I guess I’ll have to trust them on that!

  2. Heidi says:

    Love reading your adventures while I’m at work! I’m drooling at that waffle!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the steak frites place!

  3. cmphelan says:

    Glad you enjoy reading Heidi! Can’t wait to hear about all your traveling in a few weeks!

    Lindsay, that was the first time I’d tried Delirium Tremens beer but it was very good! And I enjoyed the pink elephant too. You can buy a pink elephant hat, which in that picture with Ryan is in the background on one of the taps. It was a really cool bar!

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